Helps you manage your stress to enrich your life

powered by a rich library of life tips to help you relieve stress, solve problems and live well

With thinkFull you can

Record your stress level

Record your stress level along with life events to build self awareness

Try personalized life tips

Personalized life tips that help you achieve healthy life balance

Recognize stress patterns

Recognize patterns in your stress, and start to solve the real problems


"This app is perfect for anyone who experiences constant stress and needs help managing it."

Abby, 16 yrs, Youth Partner

"We hope this app can improve the lives of those who battle stress and who are needing something to lean on and use to overcome their hardships at the click of a button."

Elora, 17 yrs, Youth Partner

"Want to be happy, healthy, and motivated? Want to be creative and inspirational? The brain and body can't function at its highest level when stressed, imbalanced, or exhausted. This app will help you reduce stress, regain balance, and perform optimally in all aspects of life."

Dr. Shimi Kang, Psychiatrist and Author

"Using this App is like having a personal "coach" that you can use to help you learn to smooth the peaks and valleys of life's journey. Take it along with you."

Dr. Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health

"With thinkFull I've been able to explore many, many different ways to help calm me down and I've found myself turning back to a couple key tips which have worked best for me. It lets me take a minute or two just for myself and all of a sudden things seem just a little more manageable."

Maja Dziok, Co-President - UBC Mental Health Awareness Club

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Our story

#bethinkFull : Why?

Life can be stressful.  Over two thirds of people report that their day-to-day stress is unmanageable. But the good news? Stress itself isn't always a negative thing! We can actually use stress to motivate us when tackling our daily challenges. But because it's hard to think clearly about managing stress when life gets tough, thinkFull exists.  By providing tools and techniques, thinkFull helps you understand your stress and work towards a healthier life through personalized tips and suggestions. thinkFull will help you take control of how you deal with the stress in your life. 

How we became thinkFull

TELUS, a Canadian Telecom provider, is committed to giving back to the community. A year ago it launched its first ever Social Enterprise competition to encourage entrepreneurial and community spirit amongst its team members. We were chosen to be part in this initiative and our passion is to drive change in the area of mental wellbeing.

Each of us at thinkFull has a personal story to share about difficult circumstances, life transitions, and the stress that accompanies it. As our reliance on smartphones grows, we  believe that we can harness their utility to help others manage stress more effectively. In collaboration with a number of volunteers and supporters like Dr. Stan Kutcher, CMHA BC, Here to Help BC, mindyourmind, MJB Technologies and Kelty Resource Centre, we have been able to make this app available to you.

We encourage you to become part of our journey and #bethinkFull. Try the app, share your feedback  and tell your friends about it.

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Try the app, share your feedback  and tell your friends about it.