As the healthcare sector has become digitalised, people’s needs are being met in various ways. Stress management is a common problem, and you can now deal with it with the help of technology. There are many mobile apps now available for stress management. Here are the top ones.

What’s Up?

When you are suffering from stress, life can become difficult. Sometimes it is recommended to go to a therapist who can listen to your problems and help you cope with them to reduce your stress. However, you cannot go to your therapist every day.

To control your emotions in between the sessions, you can use this app. This app uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help people deal with stress and anxiety.

Free Relaxing Sounds of Nature

It has been proved that sounds can have an impact on stress levels. Loud and irritating noise, for example, can increase your stress and anxiety. On the other hand, soothing sounds can calm you down. This app uses sound to reduce stress.

Here you will get a collection of calming sounds which you can listen to when you are feeling stressed. As it’s a mobile app, you can listen to it whenever you want to, while working, travelling, or going to bed. This app will help you to fall asleep fast as well.

Gratitude Journal

According to research, it has been found that being grateful for the things you have will help to reduce stress. However, it can be difficult to show gratitude in moments of stress. This app helps you to write down your thoughts. After you write them, your thoughts will be diverted in a positive direction.


If you have gone to a meditation class, you will understand how important breathing is. Proper breathing can help you to cope with moments of stress or anxiety. This app gives detailed instructions for breathing exercises. This will help to reduce stress.

Some of these apps are free to download on your mobile, so you can use them anytime, whether at home or work. These apps are very useful if you are suffering from stress and anxiety.